Thursday, January 26, 2006

Opera Releases Java-Based Mobile Phone Browser

In a follow up article on the new Opera Mini browser, TopTechNews offers a few more details on the Java "browser designed to deliver compressed Web pages specifically for wireless handsets." The free download "compresses Web pages by up to 80 percent and reformats them, using proprietary rendering technology, for smaller screens."

IDC analyst Dave Linsalata remarked "the browser does a good job of delivering Web pages designed for smaller screens." He said, "Typically, most pages don't look very good on a mobile phone, but Opera has done a good job formatting and compressing the content for handhelds."

insalata noted that "improving the user experience, along with the rollout of faster wireless networks, will help drive the growth of 3G services and sales of advanced mobile phones." He stated, "At this point, the market for mobile phones still remains much bigger than that for smartphones, so it makes sense to offer a browser that works on a broad array phones."