Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Analyst: PSP to pull ahead

Another analyst is predicting that the Sony PSP will move ahead of the Nintendo DS. According to GameSpot,
Mike Wallace at UBS believes "Sony will also cut the price of the PSP--a move that will lead it to pull ahead of the DS in overall sales."

Wallace said, "The next-generation handheld installed base should also start to represent sizable numbers in 2007, as we expect the PSP and DS installed bases to reach 15 million units and 10 million units that year, respectively." Wallace pointed out that "Nintendo's Game Boy Advance will give it an edge in the overall handheld market in 2006, and added "ongoing sales of GBA should be driven mainly by the continued popularity of the Game Boy Micro."

Wallace projected that "there will be 34 million next-gen handhelds (that is, the PSP and DS) in gamers' hands by 2008, with the number rising to 43 million the following year."