Thursday, February 08, 2007

PR & Analyst Coverage Guidelines

I borrowed this from the folks at MobHappy because I'm seeing an increase in pitches and inquiries. Since I'm in PR/AR as well, I won't go on a rant, but please read the blog and the guidelines below before trying to pitch me. Here are the Mobile Analyst Watch PR & Analyst Coverage Guidelines:

  1. This blog focuses on the analysts covering the mobile space so please make sure that the information is mobile related and has an analyst angle. Read the blog - is there a good chance I might publish something?
  2. I do not cover vendor press releases even if it includes an analyst quote. However if the press (and not websites that just re-hash press releases) pick up the story with analyst involvement then I'll link to the story.
  3. I cover analyst blog posts and press releases that are mobile related. I do not cover new analyst research unless it is accessible for free and can be linked to.
  4. I do, on occasion, review mobile products and will provide feedback before posting anything. I don't want to slam a product, but I will be honest.
Hope this helps.