Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Opera Mini Makes Mobile Headway

TechNewsWorld writes about the release of Opera Mini, "a full Web browser that runs on a wide variety of mobile phones, including low- and mid-end handsets."JupiterResearch Analyst Michael Gartenberg said, "Opera Mini allows full HTML browsing even on devices that aren't smartphones. That brings the mobile browsing experience all the way down to the most standard feature handsets. That's pretty big."

According to the article, Opera Mini "compresses Web pages by up to 80 percent and reformats them using its trademarked Small-Screen Rendering for browsing on small, mobile screens" for "faster browsing and dramatically reduced phone bills for those who pay per kilobyte in data traffic."

Gartenberg said, "The branding option certainly does give a nice value-add to the device and could easily be branded by handset vendors and carriers pointing towards carrier sites and partner sites for revenue streams. If someone were to buy Opera, there's no doubt that this Mini technology and the company's experience in mobile as well as alternative platforms would be very much a draw,. As more people are looking to mobile to increase revenues for things like paid search, the Opera technology would be very appealing to those efforts."

This is a neat little Java app for my Audiovox SMT-5600. Seems pretty fast and compresses websites down to the right size. I need to play around more with it more to get some favorite bookmarks but I like it so far...