Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Samsung Intros Phone with 3-GB Drive

NewsFactor Network writes about Samsung's latest cell phone, the multimedia SPH-V7900, which will sport a 3-GB drive and includes support for compression technologies, including MPEG-4 for video and AAC for audio. The phone boasts TV output and dual speakers for stereo sound. It also features technology that can convert music into visual images of many colors and patterns. The $700 phone is only available in Korea.

Yankee Group analyst John Jackson said, "We are begging to see a manifestation of consumer electronics in the phone space and vice versa. The tone for such integration was set by Apple Computer's wildly popular iPod, which combined greater memory with a good user experience."

Jackson pointed out that hard drives are delicate and pricey, which could cause issues for carriers. Jackson suggested a different sales channel might be better suited to move this new breed of multimedia phones. "The consumer electronics channel typically does a better job of moving these types of devices than operators," he said.

Good points from Jackson regarding pricing and durability of hard drive enabled devices. Will consumers be willing to pay the extra price for having a drive in their phone?