Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dean Bubley: Mobile Broadband and Phones

Dean Bubley posts at Disruptive Wireless about his thoughts on where the market for wireless/mobile broadband is going, and how long it'll take to get there. Bubley separates it into three main target markets and provides a nice overview for each:

  • laptops (data cards or embedded)
  • fixed-wireless as an alternative to ADSL or cable broadband
  • PDAs and phones
In conclusion, Bubley states:
This post isn't intended as an exhaustive round-up of wireless broadband technologies. But it highlights some of the practical problems, and is intended to deflate some of the hype. As usual, there's a couple of good stories (eg rural broadband, cellular network backhaul, road warriors' laptops) obscured by mountains of marketing guff and rampant over-optimistic speculation. I'm broadly optimistic on the laptop-broadband sector (I'd use it) but the "residential fixed broadband replacement" and "handset cellular replacement" sectors don't really fly in my view.