Monday, October 17, 2005

In-Stat: The “Killer Application” Dies a Slow Death while IDEN Survives

Bill Hughes at In-Stat writes about the firm's impressions following the most recent CTIA in San Francisco. Hughes looks at some of the applications that will fill specific needs for specific people. One product helps cell phone user learn their handset features while another allows users to customize their handset's skins. Hughes also points out that an established wireless technology will endure. He said:

To the surprise of some, Sprint-Nextel announced that they will continue to support the iDEN-based network at least until 2010. Some predicted that Sprint would replace the iDEN technology used in Nextel with CDMA soon after the acquisition was completed. Their plan is to market the iDEN platform to their traditional PTT customer and as an interoperability solution for state, local, and the Federal Government. This technology, originally developed in the mid-1980’s under the name MIRS, offers the fastest solution for users within a talkgroup to communicate regardless of where they are within the United States. Management at Sprint Nextel astutely avoided the temptation to replace existing equipment with newer technology until it can surpass what is out there now.