Monday, October 17, 2005

Young, Old Going Mobile

The Marion Chronicle Tribune writes about the two fastest growing age demographics for cell phones teens and seniors. Seamus McAteer at M:Metrics pointed out teens are being catered to by carriers "because they are more interested in multimedia services such as games, pictures and video."

he said, "Teens spend more time outside the home, first of all. Cell phones are used when you're out and about. Teens use their phones more because they're more mobile."

McAteer also noted that prepaid services"are becoming increasingly popular among older users and teen-agers." He added, "It equally appeals to both of those segments equally, but it appeals to both for different reasons,. For an older person, it's because they just want occasional access, they don't want to be tied to a monthly bill. And for a younger person, it's because they don't have credit."