Tuesday, October 18, 2005

McDonald's and Nintendo in Wi-Fi Deal

The New York Times writes that Nintendo has inked a deal to offer free wireless Internet access for users of the Nintendo DS at McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. Customers will be able to play select DS games with other players around the world. McDonald's offers Wi-Fi access for a fee in 6,000 restaurants nationwide.

Anita Frazier at the NPD Group said, "This is such an interesting direction for McDonald's. This could encourage kids to go to McDonald's to play games. It is like the kids' version of Starbucks' wireless hot spots." According to NPD, the Nintendo DS has sold 2.2 million units in the United States, while Sony's PlayStation Portable has sold two million.

I think this is a nice marketing move for Nintendo to hook up with Mickey D's from a target market point of view. Of course, Nintendo better watch their back. You never know where the anti-gaming zealots will turn their attention next.

Given the fact that today's kids in the U.S. are getting fatter and unhealthier, combining kids, video games and fast foods is a target ripe for the picking. And oh yeah, meat is murder....