Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31 Roundup

Ted Dean at BDA Limited offers up some very interesting numbers from China at CNET that help put the size of the mobile market in perspective. According to Dean, 200,000 new cell phone accounts are opened daily in China. Also there are "500 million active cell accounts in China, and the number will grow to around 784 million by 2011." BDA predicts that "239 million people will access the Internet by cell phone in 2011."

Dean adds the numbers are based on sim cards, and some people have more than one. For example, "Beijing citizens who visit Shanghai quite a bit, for instance, might have a card for each city to avoid roaming charges. BlackBerry owners often base their accounts in Hong Kong because that's where the service is available."

If accurate, those are monster numbers and the potential easily dwarfs the saturated U.S. market...

Analysts in the news for May 31:

  • Dean Bubley at Disruptive Analysis about BT Fusion and Orange Unik
  • Bena Roberts at BKI Media about The Mobile Advertising marketing who is next on the buy list?
  • Brian Modoff at Deutsche Bank, Banc of America Securities analyst Tim Long and Ehud A. Gelblum at JPMorgan via about Motorola Edges Up
  • Mehar Zulfikar at Strategy Analytics about Linux Transforming the Mobile Phone Industry
  • Paul Brown and David Kerr at Strategy Analytics about Portal Usability Costs US Operators $110M in Missed Games Revenue
  • Tower Group analyst Bob Egan via Computerworld about Mobile banking still slow to catch on in U.S.
  • NPD analyst Ross Rubin and JupiterResearch analyst Neil Strother via TechNewsWorld about Palm Unveils a Two-Hander
  • Carolina Milanesi, Ann Liang, Nahoko Mitsuyama, Tuong Nguyen and Hugues De La Vergne at Gartner about Strong Results in Asia/Pacific and Japan Drove Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to 14 Percent Growth in the First Quarter of 2007
  • Craig Mathias at Farpoint Group, Gartner analyst Stan Bruederle and Jack Gold at J. Gold Associates via eWeek about Broadcom, Qualcomm Promise Further Legal Action

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