Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22 Roundup

Analysts in the news for May 22:

  • Gerhard Fasol at eurotechnology.japan about Nanaco - e-cash and m-cash for Seven-Eleven
  • Prudential Equity Group analyst Richard Klugman, Bank of America analyst David W. Barden and Bear Stearns analyst Philip Cusick via The Associated Press about Alltel vows growth despite buyout debt load
  • Phil Redman at Gartner and Jeff Kagan via Network World about What Alltel's $27.5 Billion Buyout Means
  • Ross Rubin at NPD Group via RCR Wireless News about U.S. cellphone market: Motorola on the rise, Nokia declines
  • Jane Zweig at The Shosteck Group, Roger Entner at IAG Research and Charles Golvin at Forrester Research via USATODAY.com about AT&T eager to wield its iWeapon
  • Ric Prentiss at Raymond James, Jason Armstrong at Goldman Sachs, Prudential’s Richard Klugman and CIBC’s Timothy Horan via Barron’s Online Tech Trader Daily about With Alltel Claimed, Will Sprint Be Next?

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