Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dean Bubley: Awesome service

Dean Bubley posts at the Disruptive Wireless blog about Tossable Digits that offers inexpensive and temporary disposable phone number that forwards to your existing home, cell or office phone. He thinks it's a fantastic idea. He writes:

This "Tossable Digits" thing looks a bit pricey - $5 for a month, and you get some clunky fixed-line + 5 digit extension number. And it won't cope with SMS by the look of things. By comparison, Yahoo! charges something like $20 a year for their whole "Plus" service, including a whole bunch of features.
Bubley thinks the company should have offered this "as an operator service here. I'd gladly pay, say, $2-3 per month for a spare, bin-able mobile number - which should get a huge gross margin as it really only needs a number-translation server somewhere. At the moment, I am very wary of putting my mobile number down on any untrusted mailing list for fear of spam & unwanted calls, but if I had the confidence that I could consign the number to the great spam repository in the sky, I'd use that rather than my fixed-line."

He concludes this is:
another one in the eye for those Luddites who insist we'll only have one device / number / bill / identity. Not only are you wrong, you're getting more wrong by the day.