Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Verizon Wireless Launches Chaperone Tracking Service for LG Migo Phones

TMCnet reports that Verizon Wireless (VZ) today launched a new location-based service called Chaperone that "uses Global Positioning System (GPS) data to let parents track the whereabouts of their offspring—as long as they’re using an LG Migo phone."

Ken Hyers at ABI Research said, “By combining tracking and cellular technologies, wireless carriers could jumpstart what has been, to date, a sluggish segment of the GPS market." However, "vendors will need to set realistic expectations for their customers. In many cases, this will mean educating the public on the real-world availability and accuracy of cellular A-GPS.”

According to the article, Chaperone provides two main tracking options:

  • Child Locator – Lets parents use a GetItNow-enabled Verizon Wireless phone, or a Web-based account, to locate a child’s Migo handset.
  • Child Zone – Lets parents use a Web-based account to construct a geographical zone within which their child can move with a Migo handset; when the kid leaves that zone, parents are notified with a text message.
$20 a month is a lot for these services. Verizon never seems to have any qualms trying to wring as much change as possible from its customers.....