Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JupiterResearch: Nintendo DS Lite - Gaming done right

Michael Gartenberg posts at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs about Nintendo's launch of the DS Lite in the U.S. He writes:

I've had one here for a few days and I love this system. What's changed since I first wrote about it? Well, it's a lot smaller and much more pocket friendly looking like a miniature Apple MacBook in white. The screens are much better and brighter but what really shines are the new games for the system. Tetris DS, Mario DS and the new Brain Age, Brain Academy and Magnetica titles are some of the most fun games I have ever played on any system. Ever. Nintendo is really learning how to make use of the hardware features like the touch screen and WiFi to deliver a whole new gaming experience. The DS isn't trying to be an uber multimedia device but it does excel as a gaming platform and that's the reason I suspect it's selling well. Look for this to be a hot item for the holiday season along with those other titles. Forget mobile gaming, this is gaming, plain and simple done right.
Gartenberg makes some good points. Nintendo makes dedicated devices and does it right. Great design and great games for a variety of folks, and all at a price point geared towards a mainstream market...