Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jupiter: SNL on iPod: The Apple is Round

I was slow out of the blocks today, but luckily Steve Jobs didn't announce any new iPods or mobile devices today at MacWorld. Todd Chanko at JupiterResearch post about a content deal Apple made with Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live fame. Chanko writes that the agreement to "sell archived SNL skits at $1.99 a pop for the iPod brings the iPod craze full circle. It was only this past November that the show parodied Mr. Jobs and his wondrously small device. One would think that particular episode should be a freebie for marketing purposes."

Chanko questions the pricing saying it "makes perfect economic sense - for Lorne Michaels. For consumers, it baffles. $1.99 will buy an entire 44 minute episode of "Desperate Housewives" - but only a 5-minute SNL sketch? What's more, the costs for old SNL sketches have long since been amortized - making the deal even sweeter for old Lorne."

Sure the cost per skit is high, but being able to purchase that favorite classic skit, such as John Belushi in Samurai Night Fever or Eddie Murphy as Mr Robinson, the cost is well worth it. I hope they have videos of musical guests as well. I would gladly shell out 2 bits to purchase an uncensored version of the sloppily drunk Replacements performing back in '86....