Monday, January 09, 2006

Rivals at door as BlackBerry is tied up with legal dispute

The The Seattle Times picks up a Chicago Tribune article about how Research In Motion's (RIM) legal problems are opening the door in mobile email for new software and hardware solutions entering the market. Some of the competitive threats the article looks at include Microsoft, Palm, Nokia, Motorola and HP.

Brian Modoff at Deutsche Bank Securities pointed out that RIM's recent problems is "giving competitors an instant foot in the door." One company benefiting is Good Technology, whose solution will run on the upcoming Motorola's Q and Nokia's E61.
Gaining a foothold in RIM's realm won't be easy. Benjamin Bollin at FTN Midwest Securities said, RIM "was the first to market with a turnkey solution. It's kind of a one-stop shop."

Gene Signorini at Yankee Group added, "The service and the device work extraordinarily well together. The whole user experience is kind of seamless."