Saturday, January 07, 2006

Weekly Roundup

A roundup of mobile analysts in the news for the week ending January 7:

  • Julie Ask at JupiterResearch via Investor's Business Daily about wireless companies keen on teens as growth driver
  • Todd Kort at Gartner via Unstrung about The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office invalidating a NTP patent
  • Richard Doherty at The Envisioneering Group via Playlist about LG entering the Portabl;e Media Player market
  • Jim Handy at Semico Research via ZDNet about NAND Flash challenging hard drives
  • John Jackson at Yankee Group via CIO Today about mobile viruses
  • Roger Entner at Ovum via Investor's Business Daily about Verizon's new mobile music download service
  • Neil Strother at NPD Group via the The Seattle Times about Verizon's V Cast Music
  • Marina Amoroso at Yankee Group via BusinessWeek about Amp'd selliong hot phones and raunchy media content to 18- to 25-year-old men
  • Yankee Group analyst Michael Goodman via CIO Today about Verizon's V Cast music
  • John Jackson at Yankee Group via EETimes about Adobe revamping Flash animation for mobile
  • Julie Ask at JupiterResearch via Wired News regarding the market for cellphone wallpaper
  • Forrester analyst Ellen Daley via InformationWeek about Good Times For Microsoft. Bad Times For RIM
  • David Linsalata at IDC and Ben Wood at Gartner via Herald News Daily about Pantech seeking to raise US handset sales
  • Roger Entner at Ovum and Ira Brodsky at DataComm via TechNewsWorld about Verizon Moves More Multimedia to Phones
  • Richard Doherty at Envisioneering Group and Tim Bajarin at Creative Strategies via the San Jose Mercury News about whether consumers will flock to new devices, services and content
  • Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch via E-Commerce Times about whether V Cast can close in on iPod territory?