Thursday, November 03, 2005

More on RIM's New BlackBerry

The The Globe and Mail looks at the new Research in Motion Blackberry 8700c and finds one of the features analyst are talking about is it will run on new high-speed technology developed by Intel.

Carmi Levy at Info-Tech Research Group said, the 8700c "can do a lot more and do it a lot faster than older versions of their handsets. This is the first of a generation that can finally come close to desktop and laptop computers in terms of power."

Peter Misek at Canaccord Capital wrote in a research note that "Management expects this to be the company's most successful product launch ever and suggested that it was experiencing 'unprecedented interest." He also noted that the new BlackBerry "represents the most compelling performance-to-price value in the market today."

Levy added the use of Intel technology will allow the BlackBerry to handle more sophisticated functions. "It will be able to run very rich, very powerful applications, whereas the older devices were much more brain dead than this one,. RIM needed some good news and this release clearly is good news," he said.