Wednesday, November 02, 2005

TDG Research: iPod's Coolness Waning as Popularity Grows

TDG Research has issued a report that finds the iPod's "cool factor" in driving new purchases appears to be waning. The "reasons most often cited for purchasing an iPod have more to do with the interface and brand familiarity."

Dale Gilliam III at The Diffusion Group said, "Apple has done an exceptional job getting the word out about its DMPs and has dominated mass-market medi. By comparison, other MP3 brands appear as generic. In many cases, consumers see the iPod as one might see the brand Kleenex - as a category label, not as a brand or subcategory."

The study found that:

  • The "cool factor" ranked third among those 15-to-24, behind quality of interface and familiarity with the brand.
  • Among those 25-to-34, design aesthetics and quality of interface were the top two reasons for purchasing an iPod.
  • Among those age 35-to-50, familiarity with Apple and iPod brands was the primary reason they chose an iPod.