Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jupiter: Why Music Video is Tailor Made for the iPod

Mark Mulligan posts at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs why he believes the iPod is tailor made for music videos. Mulligan writes that "music video is (more often than not) music first and video second," and "having a music video on your portable media player or mobile phone is well suited to providing a strong music experience first and the added benefit of being able to glance at your screen to watch the artist."

Mulligan doesn't think high picture quality is as important for music video as it is for other types content, plus the duration is just right. He concludes that:

The added benefit for the music industry is that added interactivity of a music video versus a simple audio track is that it is well suited to enticing younger consumers who tend to expect engagement from their content (e.g. console games, the Internet). It is also a great differentiator for download stores from file sharing networks, again particularly relevant for the digital youth who are growing up with little conception of music as a paid commodity.