Thursday, October 13, 2005

Roundup on the Video iPod

Here is a roundup of articles quoting analysts about the Apple iPod video:

  • Martin Reynolds at Gartner and Mike Goodman at Yankee Group via Technology News
  • Nitin Gupta at Yankee Group and Shaw Wu of American Technology Research via Investor's Business Daily
  • Roger Kay at Endpoint Technologies Associates via InternetNews
  • John Delaney at Ovum via the Telegraph UK
  • Matt Kleinschmit at Ipsos Insight and Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • Sam Bhavnani at Current Analysis via Wired News
  • Stephen Baker at NPD via MyADSL
  • Richard Doherty at the Envisioneering Group via the New York Times
  • Ben Bajarin at Creative Strategies, Mike McGuire at Gartner, Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch, and Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray via the San Francisco Chronicle
  • Mike McGuire at Gartner and Tim Bajarin at Creative Strategies via the San Jose Mercury News
  • Laura Martiat Soleil-Media Metrics, Lowell Singer at SG Cowen, Van Baker at Gartner and Ben Bajarin at Creative Strategies via the Los Angeles Times