Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jupiter: Madonna Hung Up on Mobile

Thomas Husson posts at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs that Maddona's newest single, "Hung Up" will be promoted first via the mobile phone. According to Husson, "a week before its worldwide availability, Orange World and Wanadoo customers will be able to stream it. Until November 14th, France Telecom will benefit from its recent partnership with Warner Music to distribute content through all its platform (Fixed, Internet and Mobile), even though it has not launched a full-track mobile music download offer yet."

Husson notes that:

After the exclusive agreement between Robbie Williams and T-mobile, it looks like content is a source of differentiation for mobile operators. It is used both as a way to attract new customers by enhancing the brand and as an anti-churn solution.

I wonder how much of a draw these exclusive promos really are for bringing in new customers. I understand the brand building and anti-churn argument, but will someone really choose their carrier and handset based on their favorite band or movie? It'd be interesting to see the results of these promos....