Thursday, October 06, 2005

HTC to Ride High on 3G PDA Phone Sales

Courtesy of the folks at Pocket PC Thoughts comes this article in DigiTimes about a recent report from Merrill Lynch about HTC's improved financial results that are being "buoyed by rising sales contributions of its 3G PDA phone segment."

According to the report, "sales of the HTC Universal, the company’s first 3G mobile phone based on the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, will account for 8% of HTC’s revenues this year and 21% in 2006."

Merril Lynch also estimated that "in 2004, HTC shipped 2.16 million PDAs, 791,000 PDA phones and 974,000 smartphones. This year, the company may see a 3% slide in PDA shipments, but a 340% shipment jump in the PDA phone segment and 67% growth in smartphone shipments." The article notes HTC will begin filling orders for Palm's Treo 700 Windows Mobile device in early 2006.