Thursday, August 23, 2007

August 23, 2007 Roundup

Mark Mulligan at JupiterResearch writes about the "palpable sense of anticipation around Nokia’s announcements due next week. Central to them is likely to be Nokia’s re-defined music strategy, aimed squarely at taking on Apple." I'm not an Apple fanboy and don't want to get into an argument about which will win out, dedicated devices or integrated handsets with phone, music, etc.

However, I do wonder if Nokia has it in their DNA to build a content/hardware ecosystem that will be successful. I haven't seen any evidence in the past that is remotely comparable? Many have tried to take on the Apple juggernaut and most have failed miserably. My guess is it will be more of the same for Nokia. Maybe they should just stick to handsets and not spin their cycles on a lost cause?

Analysts in the news for August 23:

  • Ross Rubin at NPD Group about Engadget’s pleas for Palm
  • Howard Wilcox at JuniperResearch via about Three cuts mobile data rates
  • Phil Taylor at Strategy Analytics and Gartner analyst Michael McGuire via TechNewsWorld about Microsoft Stakes Mobile Claim With Windows Live on Nokia
  • Brion Feinberg at The Diffusion Group, Samir Bhavnani at Current Analysis West and Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch via Investor's Business Daily about iPod Rivals At Drawing Board
  • Carolina Milanesi, Ann Liang, Nahoko Mitsuyama, Tuong Nguyen and Hugues De La Vergne at Gartner about Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 17 Per Cent in Second Quarter of 2007

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