Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Apple Relaunches U2 Special Edition iPod

TopTechNews writes about Apple's (AAPL) relaunch of a new U2 special edition iPod. "The new U2 Special Edition iPod offers an extra 10 GB of storage for a total of 30 GB, comes with an all-black stainless-steel enclosure, a red click-wheel, and custom engraving of U2 band-member signatures." Buyers will also receive 30 minutes of exclusive U2 video for free, downloadable from the iTunes store. The price for the new U2 iPod is $329.

Van Baker at Gartner said, "This is a straightforward product refresh and the continuance of a strong relationship with U2."

Zippy Aima at Frost & Sullivan thought the "rereleased iPod, with its cool design and the capability of playing video content, will be something U2 fans will be tempted to own."

So far, U2 is the only music partnership Apple has made. Baker said, "I think that this U2 iPod is probably a one-off, but Apple may do one more at some point in the future. I do not see 10 or 20 of these things."

Nitin Gupta at Yankee Group analyst concurred and said, "I'm sure other bands would want their own branded iPod, but that does not mean Apple would be interested in accommodating them."

So if you're a huge U2 fan, do you buy it again. just for 10GB more and video playback? Naaah....