Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mark Lowenstein: Data, UIs and Design

Mark Lowenstein at Mobile Ecosystem pens his farewell May Lens newsletter before joining Verizon Wireless. Below are summaries of three recent columns he wrote for Wireless Week:

  1. We Need More Data on Data - ARPU, CPGA, churn, MOU. For all the talk about how the industry is changing, the metrics reported by and used to track the operators have changed little in the 20+ years since wireless services were introduced.
  2. Competition Coming to the User Interface - When we think about competition, we consider traditional metrics such as market share, ARPU, churn, data revenues, and so on. But I believe a new competitive battleground is emerging around the...
  3. Design Takes Center Stage in Wireless - What were the two most successful consumer electronics products of 2005? The Motorola RAZR and the iPod Nano. This is notable because neither device leads its category in traditional metrics or specifications. You can buy an iPod or other MP3 player with a better display, more features, storage, and video capability.