Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Portio Research: Strong Customer Support for Mobile TV in Europe

Cellular-News picks up a report from Portio Research that was the result of an extensive survey of European mobile phone users in early 2006. The survey found that "over 50% of those interviewed were interested in Mobile TV and were prepared to pay for it, at an average price of 10 Euro per month."

In addition, "video calling whilst still in its infancy obviously holds an attraction for many users particularly the teen market 85% of whom expressed a desire to use video calling in the future. Interestingly pre-paid subscribers were willing to pay more than post paid subscribers per call. Once again the research indicates a very attractive market with the potential for perhaps as many as 400 million Europeans using the service."

In addition, over 65% of those questioned expressed zero tolerance for mobile advertising. Portio also found that Italy and Spain were "mobile content hotspots whilst users in Denmark, France and Russia prefer to use content and services pre-installed on their phones. Men continue to prefer buying online while women prefer to go shopping for real."