Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here Come the AppleBerry Rumors

CIO Today covers the rumors that Apple (AAPL) might partner up with Research in Motion (RIMM) "to bring the world an AppleBerry like handset.

The rumors were started by Peter Misek at Canaccord Capital, who published a research note that said "Apple and RIM could join forces to develop and market a wireless device that is based on a combination of technologies used in RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iPod."

According to Misek, "a deal between Apple and RIM would be advantageous for both companies because each makes up for what the other lacks. RIM, a leader among business customers, has no real traction in the consumer market. Apple, meanwhile, is missing any sort of presence in the wireless devices market."

Misek hypothesized "a mobile phone from Apple that would combine the iPod with RIM's wireless technology. Or an iTunes-enabled BlackBerry."

Nitin Gupta at Yankee Group commented, "These are still rumors and I'd want to see some evidence of a RIM-Apple partnership before getting my hopes up."

Gupta thought a partnership could make sense, and pointed out that "the success both companies have found with the iPod and BlackBerry has left other companies struggling to come up with something that is able to rival them."

Gupta said, "Many of the companies that have the BlackBerry in their crosshairs are the same that are searching for the 'iPod killer' as well. As industry giants, such as Microsoft (MSFT) and Nokia (NOK), continue to move in on Apple and RIM's territory, it may make sense for [Apple and RIM] to find synergies between their flagship product lines."