Tuesday, February 14, 2006

M:Metrics: Little Change in Top 10 Handsets -- RAZR Continues March

According to a recent post at the M:Metrics blog, since last month, M:Metrics has "noticed a fairly smooth progression in the trend, with Motorola devices continuing to drive consumption of mobile media."

M;Metrics found that "out of the top 10 devices used to consume mobile media content in the U.S., Moto devices comprise six positions, thanks to the strength it has established in the mid-market device category and its exclusive relationship with Nextel. The i860 leads the pack, with 50.6 percent of its owners reporting they consumed mobile media content (defined here as use of the browser or downloaded utitilities or downloads of games or ringtones)."

Here are the top ten handsets with the rate of media consumption:

1. Motorola i860, 50.6%
2. Motorola RAZR, 47.8%
3. Sanyo PM-8200, 47.3%
4. Motorola V330, 45.2%
5. Motorola V551, 31.2%
6. Sony Ericsson Z500, 31.0%
7. Motorola i730, 30.7%
8. Audiovox CDM-8910 BREW, 28.8%
9. Motorola i710, 28.8%
10. LG VX6100, 27.1%