Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Never mind what it does, it's what the mobile looks like that counts

The Times Online reports from 3GSM that what customers really want is a handset that looks good. Aesthetic appeal is a key selling point and the article points out that "the success of the customised phone is summed up in the story of one model: the Motorola Razr." According to Carphone Warehouse, re-packaged, exclusive hot pink Razr at Christmas "shifted more than 600,000 units"

Ben Wood at Gartner said, "There are essentially only four designs of phone — the candybar, clamshell, swivel and slider — and besides, in countries like the UK everyone has one. So where do the manufacturers go next? Repackage them."
With more and more phones looking alike, can features help differentiate the haves and have nots?

With 3G still not commonplace, Wood added, "If the beauty of the phone helps to put it into people’s hands, then the operators can then light it up for them with all the 3G applications."