Monday, February 13, 2006

Microsoft Buys Mobile Search Firm

Tech NewsWorld reports that Microsoft continues to make news at 3GSM, this time purchasing French mobile search firm MotionBridge for an undisclosed amount. According to the article, "MotionBridge has deals in place already with carriers in Europe and North America, including Sprint , Orange and O2 Ltd."

Microsoft said the MotionBridge acquisition would allow the company to "offer mobile operators the tools to maximize the value of their content and data networks, and provide a powerful search engine for mobile users."

Gartner analyst Phil Redman thought that "buying technology providers may make the most sense for the entrenched Web players that want to extend their reach to wireless devices." He said, "The search companies have found that developing robust services for mobile devices is not as easy as rolling out another different Web service. There are a lot more inherent limitations and other parties, including the carriers, to consider."

Telecom analyst Jeff Kagan added, "The market for mobile search is small now, but that makes it the right time for those with designs on being major players in the future to get a foothold in the market."