Friday, January 27, 2006

Nintendo to release slimmer DS handheld

CNET reports that Nintendo "plans to release a slimmer, lighter version of its hit Nintendo DS handheld video game system, the Nintendo DS Lite," which is expected to hit Japan in March. Rumored retail price will be $145.

David Cole at DFC Intelligence noted the "move fits with Nintendo's recent history of releasing smaller and smaller versions of its handheld players," such as the Game Boy Advance and then the Game Boy Advance SP.

Cole also pointed out that the "company has traditionally lowered the price of the original devices upon the release of the smaller systems," suggesting the "original Nintendo DS would likely continue to be sold even after the launch of the Lite version, and would probably have its price slashed."

Cole even imagined Sony offering a smaller version of the Sony PSP. Cole said of the Nintendo move, "I think it's definitely a good idea. That's just the way the portable market goes. You look at cell phones and iPods...people are buying multiple versions of the system."

As long as they only reduce the size I won't be too miffed my daughter just got the original DS. However, if they make other improvements and add new features...

Photo via Joystiq