Thursday, January 12, 2006

JupiterResearch: BK & Sprint Team up for Superbowl Promotion

Julie Ask writes about a new mobile promotion from Sprint/Nextel and Burger King at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs. The two companies "are teaming up for a co-promotion sweepstakes with a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XL." Ask states:

It has many of the elements required for a campaign in this relatively new medium. The consumer must purchase product (chicken fries) in order to obtain a short code for the promotion. The Web site has an animation that leads one through the process of how to enter the contest. The Web page has both Sprint/Nextel branding as well as that of Burger King. I like the educational aspect in this young market.
The tutorial on the website is pretty good. My question is, how is the mobile experience after eating the Chicken Fries? I hope it's just as simple and intuitive when you're on-site at BK and via your handset. If they can tie in some kind of text reply mechanism that also awards instant winners (i.e. free food) or discounts then that would be even cooler.

However, if you have to go home and figure it all out via your PC then its kind defeats the whole purpose. I might have to get me some chicken fries and test it out. That is if I can fix my text messaging settings on my SMT-5600....