Thursday, January 19, 2006

Handset Trends 2006 covers a new report from
UK firm Mako Analysis about the handset trends for 2006.Some of the key insights from the report include:

  • The current popular device colours of black and pink will be joined by a wide range of shades that will be used to extend the shelf life of many of the key device lines released through the year
  • Despite industry hype, 2006 will not be the year of HSDPA
  • Bluetooth connectivity will finally penetrate into low end device segments, where as infrared will start to be phased out
  • 3G will finally meet high end 2G levels of device weight and size
  • Mobile music will form a key battleground for handset manufacturers but the winners and losers will surprise many
  • Camera technology will see many advances with up to 5 mega pixel models emerging in 2006
Mako Analysis believes the handsets expected to emerge in 2006 support the notion that mainstream consumers are not willing to sacrifice pleasing aesthetics and everyday usability over market leading advances in technology. Hmm...sounds like an iPod....