Thursday, January 19, 2006

Motorola Sharpens Its Attack reports that Wall Street is expecting Motorola to continue its strong performance "in the handset market, as the Razr phone continues to cut through with consumers."

With new colors of the Razr, a Verizon version and other new sleek models to hit the market, things are looking rosy for Moto. Charter Equity Research analyst Ed Snyder wrote in a recent research note, we think "this will be another record quarter for Motorola, as sales of the new Slvr and Pebl phones add to strong demand for Razr in a record holiday selling season."

Motorola is expected to announce it shipped about 45 million handsets in Q4. Snyder predicted "Motorola added to its market share by taking 19% of the total industry's business in the latest quarter, up from 18.7% in the prior quarter."

According to the article, "Razrs made up about 10 million of the 45 million units sold last quarter, up from the 6.5 million in the prior quarter. And at an average selling price of $200 apiece, Razr accounts for nearly one-third of Motorola's total handset revenue."

Again to put these numbers in perspective, Apple sold 14 million iPods overall during the same time period, demonstrating the much greater size of the handset market...