Thursday, January 05, 2006

Complete: Early Holiday Online Wireless Sales Almost Double Last Year’s

Complete has issued a report that finds "the average carrier site conversion rate more than doubled versus 2004 during the same 10 day time-period (the Sunday before through the Wednesday after, Thanksgiving). Even with fewer online wireless shoppers in 2005, online sales grew more than 90% as a result of wireless consumers‚’ increasing willingness to purchase online (as indicated by survey responses), as well as the notable improvements made to many wireless shopping sites’ purchase experiences."

According to Complete, the network operators are reaping the benefits from existing subscribers using their online channels to shop for new phones and services.

Complete found that "Tuesday, November 29th was the most fruitful online day at the start of the holiday spending season" with potential customers waiting "for the best deals before making their online purchases."

Complete highlighted a "number of high-value, limited-time offers on "Black Tuesday”. Online orders on that day "were 91% higher than November's daily average and the industry's online conversion rate jumped 84% from the previous day; 204% over the same day in 2004."

It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the month turned out...