Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Disney Gets Deeper Into Downloads

TechNewsWorld reports that Disney is making aggressive moves by adding more "ABC, ESPN and other Disney-owned properties to Apple's iTunes media service."

Mike McGuire at Gartner said, "Clearly, what you're seeing is a realization that the consumer is at the center of all of this. A significant number [of consumers] feel they're a better programmer than anybody in the media industry."

The deal means Disney content from ABC News, Sports and ESPN, "including lightweight versions of recent college bowl games, including the Fiesta and Sugar Bowls -- will be available through Apple's iTunes beginning this week."

Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch said, "It's not surprising we're seeing more participation by Disney in Apple's efforts, because they've worked well together so far. The best technology solutions in the world are not worth much without good content. Disney knows it can gain from being part of the ecosystem."

Gartner's McGuire thought Disney was "just starting to take advantage of the opportunity in digital delivery." He said, "They're providing it in a form and way the consumer wants to get it, wherever they are." McGuire suggested that "letting users -- "instead of a bunch of programming executives" -- choose is a winning strategy with great appeal to consumers."