Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Qualcomm to Unveil Mobile-TV Technology at CES

Following on Crown Castle's announcement of its Modeo Mobile TV service, TechNewsWorld reports that Qualcomm will be demonstrating its MediaFLO mobile TV system with Samsung at CES.

Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch thought the year 2006 would be big for mobile video efforts. He said, "You need the infrastructure to make it all happen. Qualcomm is providing some important technology for its partners to deploy. Look to see a lot of different mobile video solutions, approaches and devices this year -- from more generic handsets to sophisticated smartphones to devices with PDA-like functionality."

Gartenberg believed that "consumer interest is stronger than many might think" and "combined with fast wireless networks, technologies like FLO are a win for consumers."

According to the article, "Qualcomm expects to begin commercial operation of the MediaFLO System in the fourth quarter of 2006."

With no knowledge of pricing it's hard to say if MediaFLO will take off. Like most other mobile services being hyped this week, it's all wait and see until they hit the ground with real content and pricing...