Thursday, January 12, 2006

Apple Goin' Mobile?

More commentary on Apple's recent filings that is leading some folks to believe they are getting into the mobile phone business. In, a research note from American Technology Research analysts Shaw Wu and Albert Lin said, "We believe this is further indication of AAPL's strategic direction to extend its iPod + iTunes and Mac franchises into new business areas including smart phones, value-added mobile content services, and the broader consumer electronics space."

Wu and Lin acknowledged that "Apple's ambitions, indicated by the trademark applications, go beyond -- and may not necessarily include -- the mobile phone market." They wrote:

We believe "Mobile Me" could also be related to location profiles that could be stored in dongle-type keychain devices or perhaps a future iPod or cell phone that would carry user profiles, including bookmarks, cookies and preferences that would allow people to carry their personalized computing experience wherever they go. We believe this information could be transferred through USB and/or Bluetooth to the host client
So will they or won't they? Who knows. With Apple it's always a guessing game...