Monday, November 07, 2005

IDC: Western European Enterprises Still Slow to Adopt Mobile Solutions

IDC has a new report that finds "enterprises in Western Europe have been slow to adopt mobile solutions in the past 12 months."

Rosie Secchi at IDC said, "Although mobilization of the enterprise market is happening across small, medium, and large companies, it is being implemented more at a unit level than for the entire organization. The true benefits of including mobility are through a solution approach that reaches into the processes of the company as well. Providing connectivity is only the starting point — this really encourages partnerships in the supply chain."

The IDC 2005 survey also shows that "only 6% of surveyed organizations are interested in adopting mobile data applications such as push-to-talk or mobile commerce. More business-specific applications such as mobile sales force automation and mobile CRM also attracted little interest, at less than 10%."