Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jupiter: Back from Nokia Mobility Conference

Thomas Husson posts at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs about attending the 10th annual Nokia Mobility Conference. Husson's key take-away from the NMC was Nokia's "widening of the NSeries portfolio of multimedia computers (expression used by Nokia's management) with the launch of 3 new devices : N92, N71, N80."

Here are his comments on the NSeries:

NSeries is a new brand for high performance multimedia devices. Each phone from this category offers an excellent performance be it to capture and share pictures and videos or simply to browse the Internet. There are outstanding smartphones, but each of them has a dedicated and enhanced multimedia feature. N90 will be dedicated to a high-quality picture & video experience (with Carl Zeiss Optics), N91 will be a music-enhanced phone (seems to me a partner with a strong music brand is still missing) and N92 will be a TV-enhanced device. Smartphones are increasinlgy segmented to meet customers needs. Surprisingly, there is no gaming device integrated in the NSeries. The N-gage (2M units shipped worldwide when 6M were expected) follows a separate strategy so far.

Husson then devotes a paragraph for each handset before conculding:

A few other innovations were launched. Nothing impacting revenues on the short term but a clear commitment from Nokia to remain a leading player in the emerging new multimedia world. When boundaries are blurred, a leader has no other choice but to innovate.