Friday, October 07, 2005

Technology Pundits: vPod and new Macs

While attending the AMD Global Vision Conference on the future of technology, Rob Enderle posts at Technology Pundits about the rumored Apple video iPod. Enderle remarks that leading technology futurist Paul Saffo, who moderated the event, "believes strongly that Apple will announce, along with Disney, the vPod and this will not only be a unique offering leveraging the Disney catalog but it will be a precursor to a renewed relationship between Pixar and Disney." Enderle opines:

Paul has a good hit rate with this stuff so I’m not one to sell him short. I’m just not convinced the video side is cooked enough yet to make this successful and am still not convinced the buying public is ready for a small video device. However, that doesn’t mean they will never be ready. Programs written especially for the small screen are already on the market, though they are largely targeted at cell phones right now, and this suggests that at some future point technology and content will come together. It wouldn’t be unusual for Apple to get it right first (and using the iPod as an example) it may take others awhile to get it right at all.