Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TDG Research: Aligning Content with Consumers is Key to Mastering the Mobile Video Market

TDG Research has issued a free topic paper that finds the "key to success in the early mobile video services market is aligning content offerings with the needs of specific consumer segments."

Dale Gilliam at TDG said, "There is an abundance of research suggesting that consumers are 'interested' in viewing video on their mobile phones. But this data only tells part of the story. It is not simply a question of general interest; rather, it is a question of what percentage of consumers would actually pay to receive such a service - making this determination is the real challenge."

In a no brainer, TDG found that interest and desire to purchase mobile video was linked to the type of content available. Surprise, surprise.

Gilliam added, "Securing a wide range of brand-name content will no doubt help to attract new users. Focusing on breadth of content over high-quality targeted content, however, would be a huge mistake, a move that could dilute the quality of those efforts that stand the best chance of success."