Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jupiter: Samsung's "Shuffle"

Nate Elliott at JupiterResearch compares the Samsung YP-U1 with his Apple iPod Shuffle. Elliott is a fan of the Shuffle due to its "portability, ease of use, integration with the software I use for my larger MP3 player (an old 20-GB 3rd-gen iPod)."

However, Elliott thinks the lack of screen is a minus in his book, because "I want to choose what plays next. Ever want to hear just one song? Try finding it in a list of 200 without a screen." He also wants to be able to shuffle between two playlists and had high hopes for the YP-U1, but in the end was not impressed with Samsung's implementation of "the screen and buttons." Elliott concludes:

It seems like CNet was thinking the same thing. The YP-U1 rates a 6.9, while the Shuffle scored a 7.3. Bottom line? Neither device is perfect -- and hey, I don't expect a perfect device for under 70 quid -- but the Shuffle is marginally better. I guess the answer to my two-playlist dilemma is to just go buy another Shuffle....