Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Content Fears in Switch to Video on the Move

MSN Money runs a Financial Times article that expresses skepticism whether there is a market for portable video.

Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch said, "There have been companies larger than Apple that have tried to kick-start this market – notably Microsoft – and they have not done a very good job. We know from our research that there's a lot of consumer interest in mobile video content. But there's a two-fold problem – there's very little content available and it's way too difficult to get what is on the market."

Mr Gartenberg added, "I would not expect Apple to produce a device that they have no content for. Consumer fascination with Apple is going to play a part and its entry would no doubt be very, very significant in jump-starting the market."

So if a video iPod does appear, can Apple do for videos what iTunes did for music?