Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wither Ring Tones?

The Business Standard of India writes the ring tone fad might be coming to an end. According to UK analyst Chris Jones of Canalys, thefad first took off in in the UK and other European countries, where people paid upwards of £2 ($3.5) for a ring tone. Jones said, "People were doing it because it was a new thing to do. That has worn off with a big part of the market."

Richard Windsor, analyst at Nomura Research in the UK concurs. "The ringtone gravy train is going to come to an end as people move to more sophisticated things, like downloaded music and games," he said

According to the article the business seems to be stalling in the U.S. even before it has reached a mass market with only about one in 10 mobile subscribers is buying ringtone.