Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Don't Drink and Text

The Contra Costa Times writes an amusing article about the dangers of drinking and texting with some of the anecdotes sounding a lot like the mobile text version of a late-night Booty Call.

Basically, drunk calls are very '90s (and quite obnoxious to boot) and voicemails and emails while inebriated are more permanent and can be forwarded as well. Texting is seen as more convenient than IM because you don't have to find someone online when boozing.

The article cites data from Yankee Group that says the number of text messages exchanged in 2003 was about 19.8 billion, jumping to 34.6 billion in 2004.

Yankee's Linda Barrabee commenting on why text messages are popular, said "A cell phone is personal. It's about you. It's always on you. Texting is the lowest common denominator. It's available on most phones, even if you don't have a color screen."

So the next time you're drinking and want to reach out and touch someone without actually having to speak to someone, don't do it because you just might regret it in the morning....

via Contra Costa Times (site registration required)