Friday, August 19, 2005

Nintendo Readies Game Boy Micro

Top Tech News reports on the Nintendo Game Boy Micro, which is slated to hit stores in the U.S. on September 19 at a $99 price point.

Michael Goodman at Yankee Group questions Nintendo's strategy for an even smaller gaming device. "This is not much different than what they offer with the Nintendo DS. I can't see where the demand is. There is a minimum optimum size, and I think they have passed that threshold with the Micro," he said.

Goodman also notes Sony's strategy for the PSP that target much older gamers than Nintendo's traditional kids audience. "Sony is aiming more toward adult gamers in their multifunctional devices and in the games that they offer. Nintendo may be way ahead at this point, but the balance could shift in the next year or two, given how well the PSP is doing," he said.

Not sure if Goodman was accurately quoted, but the Micro is just a more portable version of the Game Boy Advance, and shouldn't be viewed as a PSP competitor. Will it bring in a new audience for Nintendo? I'm not sure since the $99 MSRP might be a cost inhibitor. However its small sleek size just might work as an replacement or addition for Game Boy owners...