Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mobile Search: In Search of Revenue? Not Yet

More on the mobile search theme. Jule Ask of Jupiter blogs about the recent spate of acquisitions by large online portals and search engines, such as Google acquiring Android and AOL purchasing Wildseed.

Ask thinks it's a way for the big guys to add specific expertise in-house as they figure out their mobile strategies. She states:

Not speaking specifically to these acquisitions, but there are a lot of small companies that are developing great technology that won't survive as a stand-alone product in a market. Many of these acquisitions are buy vs. build to add to internal arsenal rather than "big" signals of where they are headed more strategically in the market.
Will the online successes of the major players translate into more of the same in the mobile realm? Time will tell but as Ask concludes, "It's a great time to be testing the market and learning." As well as cashing out and getting acquired...