Saturday, August 27, 2005

Music Biz to Jobs: You've Got A Friend In Me...Not

The New York Times writes about the contentious relationship the music business has with Steve Jobs and Apple. Apple helped lift the industry by demonstrating a legal digital music download service could work. However, many music executives are now itching to break free of Job's obstinance regarding opening up iTunes to other devices, and more importantly, its 99 cents pricing model since they want to charge customers more.

Gartner's Mike McGuire said,"As I recall, three years ago these guys were wandering around with their hands out looking for someone to save them. It'd be rather silly to try to destabilize him because iTunes is one of the few bright spots in the industry right now. He's got something that's working."

"I think if they're throwing down for a street fight. Tthey may have picked somebody who's as good or better at it than they are," McGuire added.

Om Malik posts his thoughts on the article and frankly I couldn't have said it any better:

The record industry just can’t help itself, and shoot itself in the foot. Thankfully, the record business is split into two camps - one that wants the price of downloads to stay at 99 cents, and the boneheads